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Aurora DTC strives to provide a full range of materials to our laboratory partners to grant you the flexibility to meet the needs of any case. Because we strive to be a leader in innovation, you can count on Aurora DTC to provide only the best, most rigorously tested restorative materials available.


Printed Dentsply base with individual Dentsply teeth giving it a more natural conventional process denture look.

Available tissue shades


Printed denture base with printed teeth.

Available tissue shades


Myerson VisiClear is an advanced thermoplastic for making clear, flexible, partial denture frameworks. Due to its unique chemical properties, VisiClear does not absorb water, resulting in a partial denture that is resistant to stains, bacteria, and odors. In the event that the surface is stained, the restoration can easily be restored with a cleaner or polisher. Because VisiClear is flexible and clear, it offers increased patient comfort and esthetics, taking on the color of the surrounding teeth or tissue. In addition, the VisiClear digital workflow results in an excellent fit due to the accuracy offered by scanned models and digital manufacturing. Basic Parameters: Partial denture framework (minimum thickness) • Major connector: 1.2 mm • Saddle area: 0.8 mm Clasp on anterior tooth • 3.0 mm where clasp joins framework, thinning to 0.7mm at tip Clasp on posterior tooth • 4.0 mm where clasp joins framework, thinning to 0.7mm at tip


Zirlux Acetal is a semi-flexible, tooth colored material. It’s ideal for partial denture frameworks and other metal-free removable applications. This highly crystalline acetal copolymer possesses high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, low friction, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability.

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